Price: $$$
Dress code: Casual
Reservation: Recommended
Location: 2130 Center St, Berkeley, CA 94704
Hours: Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun : 500p – 1000p | Fri & Sat : 500p – 1100p
Website: http://www.ippukuberkeley.com/

This small shop is an amazing izakaya (Japanese gastropub), lightly dimmed with wooden tables and chairs topped with extremely comfortable cushions. They even offer a blanket to keep you extra comfy.


Cabbage with housemade aioli sauce came as a complimentary appetizer which I believe to be a palate cleanser because it was so fresh and crisp. It also prepares you for the heavy yakitoris by the creamy strong flavoured aioli.


The gyozas were mediocre. Got the flavour and texture but nothing unique to them.


The grilled calamari was so plain. No flavour at all. The texture was a little too chewy. Did not enjoy this dish.


The grilled mochi wrapped with nori was chewy and glutinous; however, there is not much flavour to it other than the taste coming from the seaweed. If the role of the nori was to give flavour then the ratio of mochi and nori did not balance very well.


The Crab Croquette was extremely crispy on the outside. The juice and flavouring of the crab came pouring out into my mouth once I cracked through the crisp. With a few drops of lemon juice, it made the croquette so much better. Adds some acidity and sweetness to them.


The Karaage was quite dull. Not that crispy or juicy with a minimum amount of seasoning.


The Chicken Skins were juicy with a lot fat. Most of the flavour came from the fat with a little bit of seasoning.



The Chicken Oysters were greatly moist and tender. There were seasoned and grilled very excellently.


The Wagyu simply melts in the mouth; however, it was so oily that it covered the flavour of the beef. It was accompanied by a side of green tea salt which pairs very well with the meat.

Would I visit again? Yes.

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