Japanese | Sushi Bar
Price: $$$
Dress code: Casual
Reservation: Yes
Location: 101 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111
Hours: Mon – Fri : 1130a – 200p, 530p – 1000p | Sat & Sun : 530p – 1030p


The nigiri was not bad. It wasn’t seasoned which means the seasoning is the soy sauce they provide us on the table. The rice was not warm at all and very compacted which makes me feel like eating a block of rice rock. Not only was the fish not seasoned but the rice doesn’t seem to be seasoned either. So instead of sushi rice, it tasted like regular rice you cook at home.


The Shiso Sorbet was extremely refreshing after I ran back and forth from my car to the restaurant for me to insert more money into the meter. (SF parking sucks) The bits of pomegranate gives a little burst of acidity and citrus which complements the light and herby sorbet.


My favourite of them all. The Sake Kusa Pudding tasted exactly like sake but instead, the texture was creamy and smooth. The marcona almonds and oat streusel added a little crunch to the dish which was amazing (other than my friend was allergic to nuts).



It was extremely kind of them to give us this dessert on the house. (Thank you Fiona, our lovely server!) The Japanese Doughnut Puff was super airy and fluffy. Not extremely sweet nor plain. Perfect.

Would I visit again? For the desserts, definitely.

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