French | American
Price: $$$$
Dress code: Casual
Reservation: Recommended
Location: 373 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133
Hours: Thurs – Mon: 530 -9PM


I didn’t quite enjoy the green gel in the oyster shell. It didn’t have much flavour. the texture was slimy and not to my liking. I do like the crunchy oyster with white truffle on top. Very simple dish.



The Fluke was fresh and delicate. The Oscetra Caviar and Etrog (a yellow citron) definitely added much taste to the dish with the right amount of acidity, saltiness, and sweetness. A little bite full of flavours.


The Dungeness Crab with Mandarin and Crab Rouille was way oversalted. The flavours were there; however, the level of salt ruined the dish for me.


Damn. What a cool looking butter. But it’s just butter. It didn’t have any seasoning. The bread that came with had a hint of seaweed flavour. Texture of the bread was not as fluffy and could be better if it was warmer.


The Beurre Cancalaise sauce was seasoned very well. Sadly, the Turbot was plain and not seasoned enough. I understand you’re suppose to eat it with the sauce but that’s not an excuse for an unseasoned protein.


The Galinette was soft with a crispy skin. The flavouring was quite pleasant with some squash and Matsutake mushroom. A decent dish.


The Maine Lobster was incredible. Cooked and seasoned perfectly. The red wine sauce was simple impeccable. Pairs entirely with the lobster. The Fois Gras on the side was delicious. It was smooth, flavourful. Yum. And the Nori added a smokey taste to the dish which made it so much better. Definitely my favourite course of the tasting menu.


I was very disappointed at the Mochi Ice Cream. It definitely tasted frozen or not tempered correctly. The ice cream was icy instead of creamy. The mochi wrap was a little hard and tacky. Such a sad dish.


Pistachio Cake was good. Nothing surprising though. There was an extreme amount of textures. Crispy from the pistachio tuile, creaminess of the mousse, and chewy from a block of gel. I think the pistachios on top is very unnecessary because it didn’t really go well with the dish altogether.


I love macarons! The appearance is very well put together. You can see the feet with the smooth round meringue. However, the texture was a little too crunchy for my taste. I prefer it to have a little chewiness and softness to them. The flavour on the other hand was not bad. Tasted like a coconut.


The financiers are definitely my favourite out of all the minardies. It’s sweet. It’s chewy. It’s soft. Mmmm.


The day before eating here I was making a Matcha Cheesecake so I’ve had sooooo much matcha and it makes me want to throw up a little bit. Lol. The matcha flavour wasn’t that strong though.


This is just pure sugar. I like the chewiness but it was way too sweet and sugary.


Birthday dessert! Yay! It was a Chocolate Banana mousse cake topped with a chocolate tuile. Tasted exactly like what you imagine it to be. Banana and chocolate. The mousse was rich and soft. Doubtlessly made my birthday. (Actually the lobster did but yea.)

Would I visit again? For the lobster, yes but no.

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