Janice Wong Dessert Bar

Price: $$$
Dress code: Casual
Reservation: Recommended
Location: 〒151-0051 Tokyo, 渋谷区Sendagaya, 5−24−55 NEWoMan SHINJUKU
Hours: Sun – Sat : 11AM – 11PM
Website: http://www.janicewong.jp/


As an extreme sweets and dessert foodie, Janice Wong, Asia’s Best Pastry Chef of 2015, is one of my favourite pastry chefs. Food is a work of art. Janice Wong is not only a pastry chef but also an artist. I’m utterly motivated by her dedication to not only make the most aesthetically pleasing and delicious dessert, but also her ambition to change the way consumers think about the relationship between food and art itself. She constantly improves herself through new techniques, technologies or ingredients the world provides.


The Cassis Plum is Janice Wong’s most popular dessert. First, a layer of umeshu granita. It’s a little sour from the plum flavour with a bit of alcohol. The granita was rejuvenating like a palate cleanser. Second, the cassis orb. Made with cassis puree, white chocolate, and gelatin, the texture was crunchy yet it melts in the mouth. Third, umeshu jelly. Similar taste to the umeshu granita; however, the texture is completely opposite. The jelly is soft and bouncy. Last but not least, the orb is filled with a creamy yogurt foam. As I ate the dessert as a whole with each and every component, flavours and textures exploded in my mouth. With all the taste is still remain light and refreshing.


Kyoto Garden is my love for dessert. Eating this dessert is like walking through the Zen Gardens. It looks, tastes, and smells like a garden. The garden is made of lemongrass ganache, orange blossom ice cream rock, pistachio sponge, ginger flower ganache and apricot compote. The pistachio sponge was nutty with a bit of citrus flavour while being soft and airy like a cloud. On the other hand, the orange blossom ice cream rock was hard but once you crack it open, there was a creamy and floral ice cream. Every ingredient paired perfectly together. This dessert is an art of perfection.


The Mango Bubble Bath included a layer of mango foam with corn ice cream in the middle surrounded by Okinawa pineapple bits.  Airy and bubbly from the mango foam, smooth and creamy corn ice cream, and chewiness of the pineapple bits. The dessert was incredibly fruity and cooling.

Would I visit again? Love love love to visit again.

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