Gindaco (築地銀だこ)

Price: $
Location: 25-3 Udagawacho Shibuya Tokyo
Hours: Sun – Sat : 10AM – 3AM


Gindaco is one of the known spots for Takoyaki. They have chains all over Japan maintaining the same quality with taste, texture, and aroma.


The Cheese Mentaiko Takoyaki is topped with tofu cod roe mayonnaise, cheese, and more cod roe. There was a very thin layer of crisp protecting the soft and chewy octopus balls. It was cooked perfectly to the right texture and taste.


Taratama Takoyaki includes a scoop of egg salad drizzled over by teriyaki and mayo sauce. Once I bit through the warm crisp layer, there was the steaming hot octopus.  The egg salad was creamy and soft which goes very well with the takoyaki. Even at lightning speed, the Takoyakis were always seasoned and cooked very well. For the extremely cheap price, the quantity and quality are definitely worth it.

Would I visit again? Yes

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