Tawaraya Jukichi (俵屋重吉)

Price: $
Location: 1F Tokyo Solamachi, 1-2, 1chome, Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 〒1310045
Hours: Sun – Sat : 10AM – 9PM
Website: http://www.kyotaru.co.jp/others/tawaraya_jukichi.html

Tawaraya Jukichi is a small shop inside the Tokyo SkyTree, Japan’s tallest structure in 2010. This shop specializes in onigiri, a Japanese snack made from white rice formed into triangular or cylinder shapes that are often wrapped in nori.


The Salmon and Ikura Onigiri was wrapped very well, so there was not any rice falling out as I eat. The ratio of rice and filling was really off. There was 4 times more rice. The nori was still crunchy but a little soft also. The flavor was really light and simple, but it was on the verge of having no flavour.


The Salmon Roll was quite similar to the Onigiri I mentioned above. Except the salmon is raw. It wasn’t that fresh but the taste and texture were still acceptable.


Wow! Doesn’t that look like a piece of sushi art? The taste did not pair up to the aesthetic at all. The Pressed Sushi was flavourless, hard, and very difficult to eat. Rice was not seasoned at all and I can not taste any of the fishes’ nature flavour.

Would I visit again? No.

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