Hamakatsu (とんかつ)

Price: $
Dress code: Casual
Reservation: Unnecessary
Location: 1-16-4 Nishishinjuku Shinjuku Tokyo
Hours: Sun – Sat : 11AM – 130AM
Website: http://www.hamakatsu.jp/


For the appetizer, we got the Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken). It had the perfect amount of batter that’s fried incredibly creating a super crispy layer. With such a crunchy exterior, the inside remained juicy and absolutely not dry at all. Sadly, it only came with two pieces.


The gyozas were also fried very well. Once the crispy shell was cracked open, the juice of the meat came leaking out into my mouth. They were seasoned and cooked amazingly.


Now the main reason why I came to this restaurant. The Tonkatsu, Japanese deep fried pork cutlet. Unlike other restaurants where the sauce is prepared for you, you can make you own sauce here with the condiments given on the side. The TonKatsu was flaky and crispy with an astonishingly succulent inside. The pork was fried to perfection alongside the splendid seasoning.


For something unique, we got the Chicken Cutlet with cheese. Same as the Tonkatsu, perfect breading, seasoning, and frying. The chicken was moist and juicy with a creamy cheese filling right in the middle. Another thing incredible about this restaurant other than the food is more food! The rice and soup are unlimited. Yes. UNLIMITED. You can get as many bowls of rice to pair with your cutlet as you want. I got three bowls of rice just by myself!

Would I visit again? Heck yes!

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