Cafe Maji

Price: $
Dress code: Casual
Reservation: No
Location: 12232 E Artesia Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701
Hours: Mon – Sat : 11AM – 10PM | Sun : 12PM – 7PM
Website: N/A

Cafe Maji is an adorable hipster Korean cafe. The interior is very simple with cute antique items and little plants here and there. Not only is their design lovable, so are their menu items including cute latte art and bear shaped burgers.


Each latte comes with a complimentary cream puff. The cream puff is soft instead of having a crunchy exterior and the cream wasn’t as smooth. But hey, it’s free. I did not taste much rose flavour in the Rose Latte. Most of what I taste is milk. The cuteness is totally a deception. I was very disappointed.


The Bulgogi Nacho was extremely flavourful. The bulgogi was marinated and seasoned very well. The chips were crunchy, but there are some parts which became soggy due to the bulgogi’s juice. The jalapeno and cilantro gave a little heat while the ranch and cream cheese topping cooled it down. Each ingredient harmonizes with each other. Delicious!


The Affogato is a coffee dessert which you pour a shot of hot espresso of a scoop of ice cream. The espresso was strong, bitter, and aromatic which matched very well with the vanilla ice cream. The espresso doesn’t overpower the ice cream and vice versa. The ice cream was similar to ordinary ice cream you can get at a grocery store. Not that creamy, but not too rough. Not too much of a coffee person so my friend finished it. Aha.


Tiramisu Waffle sounds unique, right? Sadly, it didn’t taste that exclusive. It was very weird because you have the lady fingers sponge on top of the waffle which dough on top of dough. This dessert really limits in different textures. The mascarpone cream was creamy, cheesy, sweet, and soft. I didn’t taste any coffee flavour at all which is a key taste to Tiramisu. Again, the taste did not match the appearance.

Would I visit again? Probably not, unless it’s for the Bulgogi Nachos.

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