Breakfast & Brunch
Price: $
Location: Grand Central Market | 317 S Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90013
Hours: Sun – Sat : 8AM – 4PM

Eggslut is a popular breakfast & brunch place in LA for egg lovers. Every food is made with or consists of eggs. Except for the drinks, obviously. Another fact for the egg lovers, all the eggs used are cage free. Now you don’t have to feel so guilty or sad for the hens. A wait for at least one hour is expected since Eggslut is similar to a stall in a marketplace. There are 10 bar seats where you sit directly facing the kitchen and watch the magic happen. Or you can search around the marketplace for seats that are provided to the public.


Mmm. Look at the melted cheddar cheese and scrambled egg. The warm brioche bun was extremely soft and fluffy like a pillow. The siracha mayo and caramelized onion added the spice and sweetness to the soft gooey scrambled eggs. It super effortless to eat the Fairfax Sandwich, my teeth simply slide through each layer like I’m eating butter. (I don’t eat pure butter. I swear.)


Damn. You can see each layer of the ingredients in the Gaucho Sandwich. You got the fluffy brioche bun, egg, arugula, seared wagyu tri-tip steak and thinly sliced red onions. Wait! One thing you can see but definitely can taste, the chimichurri sauce. The wagyu was so tender and moist. The egg was cooked perfectly to over medium. The chimichurri sauce was just out of the world. It was so flavourful and exquisite. The sauce wraps all the ingredients together making them a whole. A whole sandwich of deliciousness.

Would I visit again? Heck yea.

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