Bottega Louie

Bakery & Patisserie
Price: $$
Location: 1700 S Grand Ave Los Angeles, CA 90017
Hours: Sun : 9AM – 11PM | Mon – Thurs : 630AM – 11PM | Fri : 630AM – 12AM | Sat : 9AM – 12 AM

Bottega Louie is an Italian Restaurant that has its own little patisserie beside the dining room. Their macarons were quite popular and I’m a huge fan of that tiny cute French pastry, so of course, I went there for the sweets.


The Eclair was horrible. It was dry, hard, and flavourless. The only taste there was is the sugar and the smallest amount of vanilla from the icing. It might look elegant and pleasing but it does not match the taste at all.


What kind of girl doesn’t want their own princess cake? Okay. True. Not all girls do. This White Chocolate Princess Cake was sprayed on with purple white chocolate giving it a suede and fluffy exterior which suits the into very well. The cake itself was also fluffy and soft with a creamy vanilla mousse. Perfect for little girls. Or grown ups too cause who can resist sweets. I definitely can’t.


The design of this Lemon Tart is absolutely stylish and beautiful. It’s so bright like the sun. The flavour was excellent. It got the right amount of citrus, acidity, and tart from the lemon mousse. Then comes the crumbly sweet tart with crunchy nuts on the edge. This tart is full of flavours and texture. One of my favourites from Bottega Louie.


Another gorgeous looking pastry. The Pistachio Pate Sablee is simple and delicate consisting only three components: pate sablee, pistachio, and raspberry. The pate sablee was so flaky, crunchy, and very sugary sweet. The pistachio mousse was silky and smooth. It was nutty and sweet but rather light. The raspberries added a little more sweetness and some acidic to the pastry. The pastry was very pleasing except for the eating part. It was difficult to take a bite with all components without a raspberry falling off.


Yes! This is what I came for. The stunning, bright colorful macarons. Looks at those perfect feets. Huge disappointment. In the box, it looks like they’re all perfectly round and the same size, right? Wrong. As I took them out of the box, the macarons were shaped irregularly and inconsistency in size.

Another negative point is the texture. The shells were hard and crumbly instead of being crunchy and chewy. The inside of the shells was hollow. Now let’s flavour.The filling in mainly where the taste of a macaron comes from. The flavour was true to its name. Earl Grey Macaron tasted like Earl Grey. However, some of the macarons taste extremely artificial like the Rose Macaron. I really wanted to like Bottega Louie’s macarons but I just can’t.

Would I visit again? Yes, but I would not get the macarons again.

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