Dessert | Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt
Price: $
Location: 137 W Main St Alhambra, CA 91801
Hours: Wed & Thurs : 4PM- 10PM | Fri : 4PM – 11PM | Sat : 1PM – 11PM | Sun : 1PM – 10PM
Website: N/A


It’s so simple and cute in CremeBee. They specialize in soft serve ice cream with various choices of topping including their most popular fresh raw honey. Their ice creams are organic aka no GMO or synthetic fertilizers. You can see them spinning the cotton candy or drizzling the honey.


The Cloud 9 includes my favourite number ‘9’ and a cloud. Jk. In the Cloud 9, blueberry cotton candy, cloud shaped marshmallow, vanilla soft serve ice cream, and raw honey. The cotton candy is extremely sugary but I didn’t taste any blueberry flavour. Marshmallow was chewy and a little fluffy but you can definitely tell it’s not homemade. The ice cream was soft and milky with a light vanilla flavour which lets the raw honey shine through from it’s rich and sweet flavour.


Moonlight includes almost the same components as Cloud 9, except the cotton candy is purple grape flavour and the marshmallow is shaped as the moon. Again, I can’t taste the cotton candy’s flavour. So Cloud 9 and Moonlight taste the same, just different appearance.


If you want the purest form of just soft serve ice cream and raw honey, CremeBee is the one. Don’t have to dig through the cotton candy, just straight to the ice cream. Smooth, soft, and sweet. Triple S.

Would I visit again? Yea.

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