The Bun Shop

Korean | Asian Fusion
Price: $
Location: 137 W Main St Alhambra, CA 91801
Hours: Sun – Wed : 11AM – 10PM | Thurs – Sat : 1130AM – 12AM

Of course. What other would The Bun Shop offer other than buns. But unlike other buns, this is a Korean and Asian Fusion bun shop which means there are Kalbi Buns, Katsu Bun, and much more.


Without a doubt, I ordered the Kalbi Bun since it’s their most popular one recommended by the cashier. In the bun, there is marinated beef, tempura onion, mixed greens, and spicy aioli. The beef was tender and slight juicy while the tempura onion was crispy and acidic. Each component was very well with a warm soft bun holding everything together, but as a whole, the Kalbi Bun was just okay.


Next, I got the Spicy Pig Bun because dae ji bulgogi is one of my favourite Korean dishes. The pork was a slightly tight and chewy. It was as juicy and fatty as I would like; however, I do enjoy the flavour. It wasn’t too sweet or spicy, just right.


Another popular item from The Bun Shop is their Shop Fries made with rosemary, garlic, and ranch dipping on the side. I can definitely taste the garlic, but the rosemary was extremely subtle. The overall flavour was light, but the texture was extraordinary. Each one of the fries was crunchy with a steamy soft inside. Not one is different.

Would I visit again? I might if I pass it.

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