Ice cream & Frozen Yogurt | Dessert
Price: $$
Location: 7290 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036
Hours: Sun – Thurs : 12PM – 11PM | Fri & Sat : 12PM – 12AM

This dessert shop is extremely tiny with barely any space to move and only a few seats to sit. But in this small shop is a huge variety of sweets such as ice cream, cakes, and shakes. Since it’s so small, there is often a long line out the door. Don’t stress, the line actually goes fairly fast so you wouldn’t have to wait too long.


I love macarons. I love ice cream. What’s better than having best of both worlds! The Red Velvet Ice Cream Macaron obviously have red velvet ice cream sandwiched by two bright red meringue shells with a little extra dip in white chocolate. What I thought would be heaven was not.

The shells were hard instead of soft but there was some chewiness to it. The ice cream was not bad. It was velvety and creamy and I like how the white chocolate gave a little crunch to it.


Well. Since I got the Red Velvet, how can I leave out the Blue Velvet Cake. The cake was a little dry but the icing was milky and creamy which helped moisten the cake a bit. The flavour was mediocre, nothing special to it. Definitely, overhype by the bright blue colour.

Would I visit again? No.

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