Nozawa Bar

Sushi Bar
Price: $$$$
Dress code: Casual
Reservation: Need
Location: 212 North Cañon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Hours: Mon – Wed : 730PM | Thurs – Sat : 6PM and 830PM

A secret room is hidden inside SugarFish at Beverly Hills reserved for 10 people per seating to experience a phenomenon omakase. Omakase is a Japanese version of a Chef’s Tasting Menu. In Japanese, the phrase translates to “I’ll leave it up to you”. I absolute love omakase because I don’t have to decide on what to eat. Lol. I am quite indecisive. It takes me forever to just choose to the restaurant, let alone the menu items.


The stereotype of chefs being angry and loud is the total opposite here. Chef Fujita was talkative, funny, and extremely caring. When he noticed I was getting a little full, he offered to make the rice portion smaller in order for me to try every course. But do not take his kindness to your advantage. Chef Fujita does not wait for late guests because it is unfair for those who are on time.

Now let’s talk about the sushi! Chef Fujita is right in front of me as I can watch his knife glide through each fish to perfect slices. Every step is done before my eyes, working with the rice, seasoning of the sushi and last of all, the meticulous garnishing. The ratio of fish to rice is the perfect match. Fresh, flavourful, and full-bodied are the words that came to my mind as the sushi enters my mouth. Definitely worth the money for the 20 course omakase. Just the experience of connecting with Chef Fujita is once in a lifetime must.

Would I visit again? Love to.


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