Tout Sweet Patisserie

Bakery & Patisserie | Dessert
Price: $$
Location: 170 O’Farrell St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (3rd Floor)
Hours: Sun : 11AM – 7PM | Mon – Wed : 10AM – 7 PM | Thurs & Fri : 10AM – 8 PM | Sat : 10AM – 9 PM


OMG. I met Yigit Pura, winner of Top Chef: Just Desserts! Extremely bright and nice. Look at his glistening smile! After watching the show, I was completely amazed by his skills. When I found out he had opened a shop in San Francisco, I visited immediately.


Tout Sweet is so pure and beautiful with bright colors popping out from the simple white walls and furniture. Tout in French means ‘all’ so Tout Sweet stands for All Sweet. Also, the name Tout Sweet came from playing with the French phrase ‘tout suite’ which is pronounce the same but it means right away. Desserts right away!


Yigit Pura’s most popular dessert is the 5th Element which consists of 5 components: vanilla bean genoise cake, raspberry cream, Oolong Tea infused white chocolate mousse, Guittard white chocolate, and topped with a fresh raspberry. Genoise cake is an extremely difficult cake to make due to its incredible means to be dry. However, cake in the 5th Element was spongy and moist. The smooth, thick raspberry cream was acidic and piquant while the Oolong Tea white chocolate mousse was light and delicate. Eating this cake makes me feel calm and delightful as if I’m laying on a meadow.


Another famous pastry from Yigit Pura is his vivid bright macarons. My excitement to try these macarons were off the roof. Which was bad, because I fell right down. The macarons were pretty and so, but don’t taste as well as they look. The meringue shells were lumpy and a little on the hard side. He does have really unique flavours and I can definitely taste them in the filling. Flavour wise, it was executed very well, but not the texture.

Would I visit again? Yes! Definitely want to try more cakes and other desserts.


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