Sophie’s Crepe

Price: $
Location:1581 Webster St, San Francisco, CA 94115
Hours: Sun : 11AM – 9PM | Tues – Thurs : 11AM – 9PM | Fri & Sat : 12PM – 10PM
Website: N/A

From Paris to Tokyo to San Francisco. Sophie’s Crepe took the traditional technique of preparing crepes and added a Japanese twist to it through ingredients and flavours such as matcha and azuki (red bean). Sophie’s Crepe offers savory and sweet so you can have it for lunch or dessert. I definitely prefer crepe as a dessert. It’s actually one of my favourite desserts.


As a matcha lover, of course, I got the Japanese Crepe; however, instead of the matcha ice cream that it came with, I replaced it with azuki ice cream. The crepe also included red beans and matcha sauce. Oh! And I added Nutella. Just cause. Nutella. The light and smooth azuki ice cream was drizzled over with a rich, pungent matcha sauce which was fairly bitter. A thin and crispy layer of crepe wraps around the Nutella spread, ice cream and matcha sauce holding all components together. The Japanese Crepe has the perfect amount of sweetness that’s balanced out by the bitter matcha sauce.


Now let’s tune it down to something more basic. Chocolate Banana Crepe. Surely, there are banana slices, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate sauce, but it also includes Nutella and whip cream. Seriously, what can go wrong with chocolate banana? Nothing. The chocolate sauce was velvety. The ice cream was creamy and sweet. The Chocolate Banana Crepe gives me comfort as I imagine my younger self eating a Banana Split Sundae.


Well. If you don’t want a crepe, you can always get the sundaes. The Matcha Sundae starts off with a squeeze of chocolate sauce on the bottom. Then comes the whipped cream topped with a huge scoop of creamy, smooth, and sharp matcha ice cream. At last, a drizzle of the matcha sauce I mention in the Japanese Crepe. Overload on matcha!

Would I visit again? Yes! Yes! Yes!

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