Sweet Belly

Dessert | Ice cream & Frozen Yogurt
Price: $
Location: 435 19th St, Oakland, CA 94612
Hours: Mon – Sat : 12PM – 9PM
Website: http://www.sweetbellydesserts.com/

Sweet Belly recently got popular through Instagram for their soft serve ice cream with a mini donut alongside. The worker was extremely camera shy and cute. I was just taking picture of the sign but she dodged out the way while covering her face. While my friends and I were taking pictures, she asked across the counter, “How’s the ice cream?”. Then she noticed we were still taking pictures and said “Oh. You guys haven’t started yet. Heh.” Camera eats first.


Their choices of ice cream changes monthly and when I went, it was Vanilla Matcha and Dark Chocolate.


For the Sweet Deal, it includes your choice of the ice cream, one topping, and a mini donut. The topping selection consists of cereal crunch, caramel coffee popcorn, chocolate sprinkles, pretzel streusel, extra virgin olive oil + Maldon sea salt, rice crispy, fruity pebble crunch, rainbow sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, cinnacrisp, nutty granola, and candied sunflower seeds.


As for the donuts, there are flavors of cinnamon sugar, matcha sugar, strawberry sugar, and plain sugar. The mini donut I chose for my Sweet Deal was the matcha sugar. It was sweet, doughy, and fluffy; however, I didn’t taste much matcha.


I chose Vanilla Matcha and Dark Chocolate swirl because why choose one flavour when I can have both. The texture was smooth but not really creamy. As for the flavour, neither of the Vanilla Matcha nor Dark Chocolate was strong. The taste was faint and minimal.


For the topping, I chose the caramel coffee popcorn. The topping is the best compared to the ice cream and doughnut. It tasted exactly like caramel coffee with its crunchy texture. Didn’t go well with the ice cream, but delicious on its own.

Would I visit again? Probably not.

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