Ice cream & Frozen Yogurt | Dessert
Price: $
Dress code: Casual
Reservation: No
Location: 1606 Webster St, Alameda, CA 94501
Hours: Sun : 12PM – 8PM | Mon – Thurs : 3PM – 9PM | Fri : 3PM – 10PM  | Sat :12PM – 10PM

CookieBar is so far my favourite ice cream shop. All ice cream, cookies, and waffles are house made with real ingredients instead of extracts. They’re a local shop that started in Alameda, now expanded to Oakland. Love their unique flavors such as Jasmine Milk Tea and Fruity Pepples.


Absolutely love their Asian flavours such as matcha and ube (purple yam). The ice cream taste exactly as its name. I definitely tasted matcha even though it’s only somewhat rich; however, the ube was amazing. It was sweet with an oddly strange and unique yam flavour. The ice cream was smooth and creamy complimented with a thin crunchy waffle.


How can I not get an ice cream sandwich when they’re named “CookieBar”. The chocolate chip cookie and cookie n’ cream cookie was warm, chewy, and soft. Cookie n’ cream had a little crunch to it from the oreo chunks. It can also be ordered in room temperature so the ice cream doesn’t melt as fast. I personally prefer them to warm. The warm cookie with cold ice cream is the best pair I can ask for.

Would I visit again? Already did and always will.

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