Chantal Guillon

Bakery & Patisserie | Dessert
Price: $$
Location: 437 Hayes St, Ste A, San Francisco, CA 94102
Hours: Sun – Sat : 11AM – 74PM

Chantal Guillon came from France to San Francisco and opened her first macaron shop at Hayes Valley. Their macarons are said to be alcohol-free and made with natural ingredients. Sounds a little sketchy since some of the colors are so prominent and rare such as blue. Another observation of the macarons is that the designs are simple. Often plain or with one piece of decoration.


At the shop, they always have their classic 12 flavours: almond amaretto, coffee, dark chocolate, earl grey, lavender blackcurrant, passion fruit, Persian rose, pistachio, raspberry lychee, red velvet, Tahitian vanilla, and their top seller salted caramel. It’s crunchy then comes the soft interior with the flavoured ganache or filling. Their flavours are true to their name, the pistachio tastes like pistachio and the coffee tastes like coffee. The appearance is acceptable with slight size differents and imperfect roundness.


My absolute favourite from Chantal Guillon is their Persian Rose. It’s as if a rose is blooming in my mouth. Not sure what a ‘Persian’ rose taste like, but it definitely smells and has the flavour of a rose. The impeccable taste and texture doubtlessly hide the average appearance.

Would I visit again? Yes.

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