Loving Cup

Ice cream & Frozen Yogurt
Price: $
Location: 535 Octavia St, San Francisco, CA 94102
Hours: Sun & Sat : 11AM – 1030PM | Mon – Thurs : 12PM – 930PM | Fro : 12PM – 1030
Website: http://www.lovingcup.com/#!

If you’re craving some rice pudding or frozen yogurt, Loving Cup is definitely the place to go. All their rice puddings and frozen yogurts are made with natural ingredients and fat-free. The rice puddings are simply made with non-fat milk, arborio rice, eggs, sugar, salt, vanilla bean and flavours of the day. As for the frozen yogurt, it is churned per order. You can choose your base between vanilla or chocolate then add mix-ins such as fruits, nuts, cookies, and more.


The Oreo Rice Pudding is extremely refreshing. I could still taste the chewiness of each grain of rice. Wasn’t too hard nor too soft. The flavour light and simple. The taste of vanilla is definitely there and the oreo taste comes here and there when I bite into one.


For the frozen yogurt, I chose the vanilla base with strawberry and mango mix in topped with pistachios. It wasn’t icy like other frozen yogurts I’ve tried which I really appreciate. It was creamy; however, it was so soft that it melts so much faster than others. The strawberry overpowered the mango. I could barely taste any mango but the strawberry was very prominent. Overall, for a fat-free and churned per order frozen yogurt, it’s delectable.

Would I visit again? Yes. Mostly for the rice pudding, though.

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