Asha Tea House

Coffee & Tea | Cafe
Price: $
Location: 2086 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704
Hours: Sun : 11AM – 8PM | Mon – Sat :  11AM – 10PM


Asha Tea House uses genuine tea leaves and ingredients for flavour. They’re known for their matcha drinks such as the matcha latte which they make through traditional preparation using a bamboo whisk.


In the Matcha Latte, the matcha flavour was authentic and real. It tasted nothing other than matcha, milk, and some sort of sweetener. The matcha was vivid and strong; however, similar to the chai, it had little matcha powder chunks no matter how much I mixed it.


The chai flavour was extremely prominent. I tasted the spice, the little kick then comes the sweetness. The only negative of the drink is that there are few bits of the tea left in. It wasn’t strained correctly.

The tapioca balls were different than other boba shops’. The size was in between regular boba and small tapioca balls. It was chewy, bouncy and soft. The tapioca absorbed the chai flavour so instead of just being sweet it actually had a taste. The matcha latte flavor was authentic and real. It tasted nothing other than matcha, sugar, and milk.

Would I visit again? Definitely yes! Can’t get enough of the chai and matcha.

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