Cantonese | Dim Sum
Price: $$$
Dress code: Business Casual
Reservation: Recommended
Location: 1 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94108
Hours: Mon : 11AM – 230PM, 530PM – 10PM | Tues – Fri : 11AM – 230PM, 530PM – 11PM |  Sat : 11AM 0 230PM, 530 – 11PM
Website: http://hakkasan.com/

I took my mother to Hakkasan because of three reasons. First. It’s her birthday! Second, my mother’s favourite cuisine is Cantonese. Third, it’s the only Cantonese restaurant with a Michelin star from 2006 – 2015 in the Bay Area. Hakkasan is an upscale Cantonese restaurant famous for unique dim sums and for sweet tooths, their chocolate dumplings.


The Scallop Shumai was al dente, firm and bouncy with a little crunch from the Masago caviars on top. The thin layer of skin holding the filling helped captured the freshness of the scallop.


Mmm. The Shanghai Siew Long Bao was filled with flavourful steamy soup and a tender ball of pork and vegetables. The skin was not too thick nor too thin. Thick enough to hold in the soup and filling, but also thin enough so you wouldn’t be just eating dough.


My favourite dish from Hakkasan. The Crispy Duck Salad. There are so many components in this dish. It has pomelo, pomegranate, shiso leaves, pine nuts, shredded duck, and two slice of fried lotus root on top. This dish is full of different textures and taste. The chuncks of pomelo and bits of pomegranate gave it a burst of sweetness and refreshment. While the pine nuts and shiso kept it earthy and nutty. The part I like the most is the shredded duck. It was roasted to perfection. It was so tender and juicy. One of the best salads I’ve ever had.


I love floral flavours. I love pork. This Jasmine smoked spare ribs is the best of both worlds. It was cooked to the best texture it can be. The pork slipped of the bones effortlessly. It was juicy, fatty, and tender. It was sweet and most defintely smoky; however, the jasmine was extremely light. Almost not there.


There’s a tradition where you have to eat noodles on your birthday symbolizing a long life just like the long strands of noodles. So, we got the Black Truffle Noodles with crabmeat and scallop. Truffle is one of my guilty foods because I love it but it’s so expensive. The taste of truffle is there for sure. You can see bits of truffle on each strand of the noodle. Delicious.


Happy Birthday Mommy! For dessert, we had the Green Tea Mousse. It included vanilla profiteroles, a scoop of raspberry sorbet, and green tea mousse. The mousse was extremely airy and thick. The green tea was just right, neither too light or rich. The profiteroles were soft and creamy. Sadly, the sorbet the super sour. My mom even made the sour duck face.


Last but not least. Chocolate dumplings. It seems to be a twist to the traditional Chinese sweet, Tangyuan which is usually filled with black sesame. A failed twist though. The chocolate was way too rich. It does not pair well with the glutinous rice layer at all. It feels extremely weird in the mouth. Also, the ginger and yuzu soup taste more like ginger water. It wasn’t sweet at all. Just plain ginger in water.

Would I visit again? Yes, just not for the desserts.

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