Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Price: $$
Location: 1042 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94109
Hours: Mon – Fri : 7AM – 230 | Sun & Sat : 8AM – 330PM


What if you want croissant but also a muffin? I mean I guess you can always get one of each. But why when you can get two in one. A cruffin! A croissant muffin. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is the creator of this incredible pastry and many other delicacies.


One of the recommendations is the Ube Puff. Looks like a pop tart but definitely doesn’t taste like it. Matter of fact, it tastes way better. Look at those layers of flakiness. It was sweet and buttery filled with the starchy ube cream.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This is not your regular doughnut. This is a brioche doughnut. Mmm. I love brioche. It’s so soft and fluffy. Their doughtnut flavour changes every day which are announced on their Instagram weekly. The flavor I got is the Rose Almond. The pastry cream filling was sweet, flavor and nutty. The almond flavor was stronger than the rose but did not overpower the floral flavor. And the sugar covering the outside gave a touch of crunch. Yum!


Finally, the cruffins! I strongly recommend those who want to buy cruffins to be in line by 9 AM or the chance of being able to buy one is extremely low. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse only produces 200 cruffins daily and each customer is allowed to buy two. Like the doughtnuts, the flavour of the cruffin changes daily. Once I saw the flavour was Matcha Dark chocolate, I was determined to get my hands on them. Like, come on. It’s two of my favourite flavours together! I can taste both dark chocolate and matcha; however, I do wish the flavours were richer. The texture was amazing, thought. It was smooth and creamy which goes perfectly with the flaky and fluffy exterior.

Would I visit again? Definitely!

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