Ketsourine Macarons

Patisserie | Coffee & Tea
Price: $
Location: 500 Westlake Ctr, Daly City, CA 94015
Hours: Sun – Sat : 11AM – 9PM


Ketsourine specializes in macarons; however, they do offer other desserts such as ice cream macarons, cupcakes, and bubble milk tea. For their macarons, they have two kinds of fillings: flavored buttercream or ganache. They even offer a free cup of complimentary tea for your macarons!


Some of their most popular macarons are the Unicorn and Guava Rose Petals. The Unicorn have a light vanilla buttercream filling; while the Guava Rose Petals have a dense guava flavored ganache. Both macarons have a crispy and soft meringue shell. The perfect texture. And let’s not forget all the effort to create such a detailed and majestic Unicorn macaron!


My favourite is definitely the Totoro. No. Not only because it’s Totoro. Even though I do love Totoro. (I even have a Totoro onesie.) Just look how adorable they are! Almost too cute to eat. But of course, I still ate it. It was delicious. The earl grey ganache was rich and thick which goes amazing well with the delicate meringue shell. My love for macarons just deepened to a whole other level.

Would I visit again? Definitely!

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