My Chè

Cafe | Dessert
Price: $
Location: 5663 Snell Ave, San Jose, CA 95123
Hours: Sun : 11AM – 6PM | Mon – Fri : 11AM – 9PM | Sat : 11AM – 10PM


Chè is a traditional Vietnamese dessert drink often made from various types of beans, grains, jellies, and fruits with a kind of milk such as coconut or regular dairy. My Chè not only serve Chè but also other common Vietnamese food such as Banh Mi (Viet sandwiches).


Two of their most popular chè drinks are My Special Chè and Halo Halo. My Special Chè includes aiyu jelly, jack fruit, palm seed, longan, lychee, coconut meat, and pink tapioca. Halo Halo have red beans, white beans, mung beans, taro pudding, pearl, and jelly combo. If you want something fruit and more the chew on, My Special Chè is the one. For me, I definitely like the Halo Halo more because it’s sweet with a tad of savory from the beans. Overall, they’re super fun to drink. Each sip is a surprise. You don’t know which topping you’ll catch next!


If the drinks are not enough, always get their Pandan Waffle, another classic Vietnamese dessert. The waffle has a crispy thin layer wrapping a soft and fluffy inside like a pillow. The flavour was light, but definitely there. It was earthy and sweet. And how often do you a see a bright green waffle? Not that often!

Would I visit again? Yes!

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