Charlie’s Cheesecake Works (discount enclosed)

Bakery | Dessert
Price: $
Location: 1179 Redmond Ave, San Jose, CA 95120
Hours: Mon – Fri : 7AM – 6PM | Sat : 8AM – 5PM

(Discount at the end of the review!)


Charlie opened his own cheesecake shop in 2002 to fulfill him and his friend’s retirement wish. Without taking any culinary courses, but with his high-tech knowledge, Charlie became familiar with baking machines and created recipes for the cheesecakes.


The most popular item is definitely the Charlie’s Poppers. It includes 12 tiny cheesecakes with flavours of plain, strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, key line, blueberry, and cappuccino. Ever had that moment where you want to have dessert but you’re too lazy to exercise or worried about those calories? Well, that happens to be all the time. Especially the lazy part. Lucky for us. Each of these little pops is only around 100 calories!


The one I enjoyed the most is the Key Lime. I absolutely love the tartness of the key lime and rich flavour of the cream cheese. The bottom layer is made with cookie crust unlike other cheesecakes you find elsewhere with graham cracker crust. It’s sweeter and crunchier rather than crumbly. Thank goodness it’s small, or else I would eat a whole one.

Would I visit again? Yes!

DISCOUNT! Tell Charlie’s Cheesecake Work that you found them from this review and you’ll get a Friends & Family discount.

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