Ice Cream
Price: $
Location: 1150 El Camino Real, Ste 223, San Bruno, CA 94066
Hours: Sun : 11AM – 8PM | Mon – Sat : 10AM – 9PM
Website: N/A

This Korean ice cream shop serves vanilla soft serve ice cream topped with crazy additions such as cotton candy, macarons, oreo, honey comb and more!

food-797Their vanilla soft serve is milky and super creamy. Toppings are added to the ice cream for flavour. The blueberry cotton candy melted with the ice cream as it enters my mouth. It’s no longer a simply vanilla soft serve, it’s a sweet fruity blueberry ice cream.


If you want texture and a richer flavour, I recommend the Oreo. The crushed oreo adds some crunch to the soft ice cream while the chocolate drizzle balances with the light vanilla flavour.


Their most popular and my favourite is the Honey Comb. It’s simple and delicate. The raw honey brings a sweet and strong flavour to the soft serve. As you bit into the honey comb, the honeycomb bursting out. Even though it is quite nasty to have the wax texture afterwards.

Would I visit again? Yes.

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