Uji Time

Ice Cream | Dessert
Price: $
Location: 2575 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704
Hours: Sun : 1PM – 9PM | Mon – Thurs : 3PM – 9PM | Fri : 3PM – 10PM | Sat : 1PM – 11PM
Website: http://ujitime.weebly.com/

Sharon, the creator of Uji Time, love matcha and soft serve ice cream; however, there is none in NorCal that satisfies her. Sharon and her friend thought, “If we can’t find it, let’s try to make it!” They spent half a year to develop all the recipes, tasting and finding the best ingredients.


Not only is their ice cream house made, the taiyaki cone, waffle cone, and mini taiyaki are all made by natural ingredients in house. Most ingredients are imported from Japan and some from the local areas to provide the best quality possible.


Their best seller, of course, is the Matcha Soft Serve with the Taiyaki Cone. The ice cream is made with premium matcha powder, so the flavour is rich and strong. Unlike other matcha ice cream, you can taste a little bitterness of matcha. I really appreciate the bitterness because it goes very well with the sweetness of the soft serve. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness. The Taikyaki cone was chewy and a little crispy on the outside. It was slightly sweet with a hint of vanilla taste. It wasn’t extremely sweet so it pairs with the soft serve amazingly.


My absolute favourite is the Tofu Parfait. It tasted exactly like one of my childhood desserts, Dou Fu Hua (Tofu Pudding). The reason is because there is actual silky tofu blended in to create that taste. It was soft and creamy, but the other toppings definitely added some textures. The waffle crumbs were crunchy and the sesame mochi balls were chewy and glutinous.

Would I visit again? Oh. Definitely!

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