Price: $
Location: 1628 Hostetter Rd, San Jose, CA 95131
Hours: Sun – Sat : 12PM – 10PM
Website: http://www.pop-bar.com/


What’s better than buying a pre-made popsicle from a random person pushing an ice cream cart? Of course, designing your own popsicle at Popbar. Here, you can choose your flavor, toppings, and style. They have gelato pops, sorbet pops, and even yogurt pops.


After you choose which flavor or kind of pop you want, you choose your chocolate. There’s dark chocolate, milk, and white. You can dip half of the pop or do a criss-cross or drizzle! Last of all, the toppings. You can pick from pistachio, waffle crumbs, almond and more!

IMG_3938 - Copy.jpg

I absolutely love their Green Tea Gelato Pop. It completely surprised me. Unlike other popsicles, it was so creamy and melts so effortlessly in my mouth. I can definitely taste the green tea flavour. It was sweet and earthy. Absolutely love the toppings. It gave the popsicle a little crunch.


As for the Sorbet Pops, it’s whole different texture from the Gelato Pops. As expected, the Strawberry Sorbet Pop was not as creamy as the Gelato Pop. It has a crunchier texture and little icy. Exactly how a sorbet should be like. The flavour was sour, tart, and slightly sweet. Just like a strawberry.

Would I visit again? Yes and yes!

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