Crispian Bakery

Price: $
Location: 1700 Park St #120, Alameda, CA 94501
Hours: Sun : 7AM – 3PM | Tues – Sat : 7AM – 7PM

I was so happy when I heard about the Crispian Bakery. I have lived in Alameda for many years and the only bakeries available are in Safeway and the Marketplace. Crispian Bakery is the first ‘actual’ bakery in my hometown, Alameda.


Chef Beth loves the idea of having a spot where people can sit down and relax while enjoying some pastries and maybe even a cup of coffee with it. Well. It’s not just an idea anymore now. Chef Beth and her partner and former co-worker at Bouchon Bakery, Chef Christian opened up their bakery in a small city, Alameda.

Interesting story. After Beth and Christian went their separate ways after leaving Bouchon, Christian went back to his hometown, Philadelphia. Coincidently, a few years later, Beth moved to Philadelphia with her husband and met up with Christian. That’s when they paired up and decided to open a bakery together. Talk about destiny, right.


Look how airy and puffy it is! It was absolutely delicious. It’s flakey. It’s doughy. Everything you’ll want in a croissant. It got the perfect golden brown colour from the best timing and temperature control. Be ready to have a napkin by your side, though. The crumbs can be quite messy!


Who doesn’t like smores. Wait. No. Who doesn’t like mess free smores.  I hate it when the marshmallow and chocolate slips out from the side and I’m just left with the crackers. The Mallow-more is the best and most delicious solution. The chocolate is crunchy. The marshmallow is fluffy and chewy. Last of all, you got the crumbly layer.


The Key Lime Tart is definitely my favourite. You know, most pies are made with a flaky dough and tarts with crumbly dough. This tart took me by surprise. It was flaky and crumbly. When I bit the tart, I could see the layers of the crumbs. The key lime pastry cream was acidic and tart with the perfect amount of sweetness. Not a big fan of the cream on top but it does at an elegant look to it.

Would I visit again? Yes!

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