Almare Gelato

Price: $
Location: 2170 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704
Hours: Sun: 1PM – 11PM | Mon – Thurs: 9AM – 11PM | Fri: 9AM – 12AM | Sat: 1PM – 12AM


Almare Gelato produces traditional gelato daily in-house with ingredients shipped from Italy and fresh local ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. Simone, the owner, grew up in Italy surrounded by an abundant amount of gelato shops. With Almare Gelato, he’s able to continue with the traditional gelato flavours such as tiramisu and stracciatella, but also created flavours that are more American friendly, gingerbread and macadamia nut.


As I mentioned above, stracciatella (on the left) is one of the traditional gelato flavours. It simply and delicious. Stracciatella is basically fior di latte (the base of most gelatos) with tempered chocolate drizzled on top. The chocolate freezes one it hits the cold, refreshing gelato.  The gelato was extremely creamy, smooth with a subtle cream flavour. Then, the hardened chocolate adds a rich velvet taste with a crunch to it. I can definitely understand why it’s a must have at gelato shops.


Because the gelato is so natural and creamy, it actually doesn’t hold its shape very long. It melts quite quickly. So you better get eating! Another popular flavour is the Butterscotch. It was so aromatic and rich in flavour. I absolutely love the bits of butterscotch inside that gave crunch to every bite. Stracciatella and Butterscotch are both lovely, but my favourite would be the Tiramisu. I kid you not. It tastes exactly like the Tiramisu cake. Love it.

Would I visit again? Love to!


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