Garden Creamery

Ice Cream
Price: $
Location: 3566 20th St 20th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
Hours: Sun: 12PM – 9PM | Wed & Thurs: 3PM – 10PM | Fri & Sat: 12PM – 10PM

The creator of Garden Creamery was born in Hawaii surrounded by shaved ice shops. Erin would eat them every day so she in her mind, she knew she wanted to do something with sweet cone desserts. She began with a small company creating vegan ice cream in pints for local grocery stores. Then they moved on to a food truck. That is when they’re popularity grew and started selling their vegan ice cream and regular dairy ice cream.


Erin learned how to make ice cream from Kriss Harvey, a renown pastry chef at The Bazaar. She creates her ice cream from scratch with local ingredients and some international ones such as matcha and sesame. Garden Creamery hold incredibly unique flavours, such as mexanilla mango, japanese milk coffee, kalo cream, and butter mochi toasted sesame. Not only is the ice cream home made, so is their famous chimney cone.


Their well-known chimney cone (to the right) is available only on Saturday from 2PM – 4PM. The chimney cone originated from Hungary and Erin brought it over to San Francisco. It’s a baked sweet dough that’s rolled in sugar. I absolutely love their Genmaichi which is toasted rice and matcha. It has such a special flavour that it’s undescribable. So aromatic and earthy. Genmaicha is now one of my favourite flavours all time.


The ice cream is extremely creamy and smooth. The flavours are spot on and delicious. Black sesame and Earl Grey taste exactly what you think it’ll taste like. This is absolutely one of the best ice cream I’ve had. I’m excited to try more flavours and see what other flavours can they come up with!

Would I visit again? Absolutely definitely!

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