Dragon Papa

Price: $
Location: 752 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94108
Hours: Sun – Sat : 12PM – 8:30PM
Website: N/A

Dragon’s Beard Candy originated from Xi’an, the old capital of China as an emperor’s dessert. In the past, emperors are often given the title “the True Dragon” while it symbolizes masculine vigor and fertility. Every time the emperor eats the candy, pieces will be left on the emperor’s beard, hence the “Dragon’s Beard” candy.


Derek Tam is the 5th generation of the Dragon Beard Candy, learning at the age of 6. His great great great grandfather (1st generation) was one of the masters to serve this candy to the emperor in Beijing and he passed his skills from one generation to another. Since the candy is so delicate, machines can not replicate it. Chefs have to hand pull molasses into fine silky white strands. This laborious and intensive work can only create 6 to 7 boxes of the candy in one hour.


After the molasses are pulled to fine strands, a mixture of peanut, coconut, and sesame is wrapped in the middle to complete the Dragon Beard Candy. The silk strands immediately melts in my mouth into this chewy and sticky texture. As I get to the middle, it was crunchy and nutty with just a slight of sweetness.


Other than Dragon Beard Candy, they also offers hand-made mochi coated with peanut, sesame, and coconut (same mixture in the candy). The mochi was glutinous and sticky which some crunch alongside every bite.

Would I visit again? Yes.

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