Fancy Flavors

Macarons | Patisserie & Bakery
Price: $
Location: N/A
Hours: Mon – Fri : 12PM – 5PM


Fancy Flavor specializes in macaron with over 50 different flavours for you to choose from! Some are Churro, Ferrero Rocher, Fruity Pebbles, Cookie Dough, Nutella S’mores and Thin Mint. Jessica Banh hand make all the orders by herself, so you must order a week before the date to be received.


Not only can you choose your own flavours, you can customize the shape, design, and colour. However, special orders will as least take two weeks. I got the Minnie Mouse (Thai Tea flavour) and the Unicorn (Fruity Pebble, shown in the picture below).


All macarons are shaped in a perfect circle with great feets. Each detail is done precisely to show exactly what character it is. Minnie with her cute polka dots and the Unicorns with their majestic golden horn. Sadly, I didn’t quite like the texture and flavour. The meringue shells are a little hard so they didn’t have the soft chewy feel. As for the buttercream filling, it kept squeezing out from the side as I bit into it and it’s overly sweet. Also, it wasn’t smooth enough so I can feel the air sockets. The macarons are delicious to the camera but not to me.

Would I visit again? Most likely not.

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