Tea•rrific! Ice Cream

Ice Cream
Price: $
Location: https://tearrificicecream.com/where-to-find/
Hours: N/A
Website: https://tearrificicecream.com/


Tearrific produces tea flavour ice cream by infusing brewed loose leaf and herbal teas. All the ice cream are made with natural and organic ingredients without any stabilizers, gums, corn syrup, preservatives, or artificial colors and flavors. There are currently 7

There are currently 7 flavours: Masala Chai, Blueberry Lavender, Chamomile, London Mist (Earl Grey), Chunky London Mist, Matcha Green Tea, and Ginger Matcha.


Each flavour of the ice cream is so distinct and clear. Some are more pungent including the Matcha Green Tea, Ginger Green Tea, Masala Chai, and London Mist. The Chamomile and Blueberry Lavender are more subtle.

As for the texture, they’re all so creamy and smooth. Even when they resolidify after being melted, the consistency does not change. It doesn’t get icy.


I absolutely love Tearrific ice cream. Even though I’m not crazy about tea, I love tea flavoured food. I’ve always adored Matcha ice cream but now there is more tea flavoured ice cream for me to choose! If I do have to choose, London Mist is my

If I do have to choose, London Mist is my favourite out of all. The earl grey flavour is so rich and aromatic with strong citrus notes from the bergamot. I could not get enough of this! Luckily, they’re available at grocery stores nearby (https://tearrificicecream.com/where-to-find/)

Would I visit again? Definitely. When I finish my 7 pints. Lol.

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