Michael Mischer Chocolates

Price: $$$
Location: 3352 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610
Hours: Sun: 12PM – 7PM | Mon – Fri: 12PM – 9PM | Sat: 11AM – 9PM
Website: http://michaelmischerchocolates.com/


Michael Mischer always loved pastry and confection, so he opened his own bakery in until 2004 when he decided chocolate was the way to go. He tempers, molds, and fills the chocolates daily into beautiful artworks.

All of his chocolate is made from chocolates made from pure cocoa beans from Venezuela or Ecuador and fillings with local and high-quality ingredients.


The most popular are the Salted Caramel in a form of a heart. Unlike some chocolate, Michael Mischer’s does not melt immediately in the mouth. It melts as you bite into it so you can feel the snap and crunch to soft fudge to liquid.

IMG_4507The Hazelnut (bottom, square shaped) is my favourite. Inside contains a whole hazelnut. as I bite into it, the rich, velvet chocolate melts I have bits of hazelnut to crunch from. I only wish the chocolate didn’t overpower the hazelnut filling.


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