A Vie Bakery

Price: $
Location: 923 S Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128
Hours: Sun: 8AM – 6PM | Mon – Sat: 7AM – 7PM
Website: http://aviebakery.com/

Anne Can is literally the croissant queen. Before A Vie Bakery opened its doors, Anna spent 2 years perfecting a croissant. Ten thousand croissants were given away during the process! She would spend every day tweaking her recipe little by little. From flavor to texture until it’s perfection.


The plain and chocolate croissant are absolutely beautiful. Just look at those layers! They’re extremely flaky and doughy. You can hear each crunch as you bite down! The flavour is so rich and intensely buttery. Luckily, Anne uses European Kosher Butter which helps with digestion compare to just regular butter. I can eat hundreds of them!

Her love for croissant doesn’t just end here. Matter of fact, most of her baked goods are inspired by croissants such as cruffin and kouign-amann.



Why wait 2 hours in line when you can just walk into A Vie Bakery and grab yourself a cruffin. And! They have four flavours daily including Matcha, Tiramisu, Chocolate and Tahitian Vanilla.

The texture is very similar to the croissant just a little more doughier. They’re filled with thick, smooth pastry cream. I love them all so much but if I had to choose, it would be the Chocolate. The chocolate flavour is so pure and velvet. Not milk chocolate, actual chocolate.


If I was going to describe Kouign Amann to someone, I’ll say “It’s a caramelized, circular croissant, except it’s a bit denser.” The caramelized sugar gives the Kouign Amann an extremely crunchy layer from top to bottom. When you snap through that layer, you have a thousand more layers of dough to go!

Would I visit again? Of course! Try to tell me a reason not to.

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