Tea Lyfe

Coffee & Tea
Price: $
Location: San Jose Vietnam Town | 989 Story Rd #8018, San Jose, CA 95122
Hours: Sun: 12PM – 10PM |Tues – Thurs: 12PM – 10PM | Fri & Sat: 12PM – 11PM
Website: http://tealyfe.us/


Unlike a lot of boba shops in San Jose, Tea Lyfe has unique seasonal and specialty drinks. Tea Lyfe brews all their tea everyday overnight to reach the maximum flavor for the next day. All ingredients used are natural including their sweetener which is a house made simple syrup.

Candy loves using organic and fresh ingredients so there’s always a change in the menu. Whenever she spots a seasonal ingredient at the farmer’s market, she would try to create a new drink with it. Pitaya and Cantaloupe are in season now, hence the new drink, Pink Lady Horchata.


Pink Lady Horchata includes their house made horchata and topped with cantaloupe, chopped candied pecans, shaved coconut, and a scoop of Pitaya sorbet.  The cantaloupe taste is very prominent as well as the

The cantaloupe taste is very prominent as well as the flavour in the Pitaya sorbet. I really like how the pecans and coconut gave the drink extra texture and something for me to chew on. The drink it refreshing, fruity and elegant. Perfect for a lady.


One of their most popular drink is the Matcha Sensation. It’s made with two ingredients only, Matcha Green Tea and Straus Milk. Simple and delicious. You can definitely tell it’s made from premium matcha. The flavor is so rich and clean with a hint of sweetness. For a matcha lover, I am more than satisfied.

Would I visit again? No one can stop me.

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