Ice3 Creamery

Ice Cream
Price: $
Location: 39957 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539
Hours: Sun & Sat: 12PM – 9PM | Mon – Wed: 330PM – 9PM | Thurs & Fri: 1PM – 9PM


For those who really want to try the hot trending ice cream rolls but doesn’t live near the city, this is where you should go. Ice3 “ice cube” creamery in Fremont let you customize your own ice cream rolls by choosing the base, filling, and toppings.


One of the employee’s favourites is the Strawberry Roll mixed in with rainbow corn flakes and topped with mochi and rainbow sprinkles. So colourful and fun looking! It’s also a party in the mouth. I would say kid’s party, though. It was extremely sweet and tasted a bit like sugary cereal. I was quite disappointed because it was so sweet I can barely taste the strawberry. Same goes for my next ice cream roll.


The Matcha Ice Cream Roll was very light and subtle in flavor causing the sweetened red beans to overpower it. I would suggest leaving the red beans behind if you’re going for the matcha. For those who like the Matcha Frap at Starbucks, I kid you not. This taste exactly like it. Which make sense cause it is matcha with milk, but it’s so similar.

Would I visit again? Most likely not.

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