iCool Ln2 Creamery

Ice Cream
Price: $
Location: 19600 Vallco Pkwy #100, Cupertino, CA 95014
Hours: Sun – Sat : 8AM – 4PM
Website: N/A


Tired of generic waffle cones? I mean I can never be tired of them; but, if I had a chose between a waffle cone or a puffle cone, definitely a puffle.  You can choose from regular, chocolate, or mochi filled! They make the puffle on spot, just like their liquid nitrogen ice cream!


This might be the most Asian choice I’ve made. Listen up. I got a puffle (Hong Kong), Taro ice cream, mochi (Japan), and lychee (China) syrup.

Alright, do I have any Taro Milk Tea fans here? This taro ice cream tastes just like taro milk tea but creamier and thicker. I love it so much. The flavour is so distinct and prominent. The puffle was also really delicious. It got a little crisp and the rest is just soft and airy. Because of it’s airy-ness, I found a new trick. Instead of drizzling the lychee syrup over the ice cream, I squeezed it into the puffle. Delicious!


If I tried the regular, I have to try the chocolate puffle! And what goes with chocolate? Matcha. Chocolate and matcha will always be my favourite couple, especially when they’re rich. This matcha ice cream definitely lived up to it. Its matcha flavour is clear and strong. Another point that I really appreciate is the red bean. A lot of places’ sweetened red bean overpowers other flavours but this one did not. Instead, it complimented the matcha. Everything goes together perfectly.


I bet a lot of you already heard of the Dragon’s Breath. When I first heard of it, I immediately when to the shop that created it and I was so disappointed. It was just cereal puff with liquid nitrogen on top. Thank you iCool LN2 Creamery for making it so much better. Instead of cereal puff, their Dragon’s Breath is made with flavoured whipped cream. You get the same effect, air/smoke coming out your mouth or nose but so much tastier.

Would I visit again? Definitely!

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