One Tea

Coffee & Tea | Dessert
Price: $
Location: 46809 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539
Hours: Sun & Sat : 11AM – 10PM | Mon – Fri : 12PM – 10PM


One Tea provides milk tea, smoothies, specialty drinks and hand-crafted hot and cold desserts, such as the Strawberry Flower Waffle. It’s a scoop of cold, creamy strawberry ice cream on a hot, crispy and doughy waffle topped with strawberry syrup and sliced almond. The syrup made it too sweet so I can go without it. Another dessert they offer is the Milk Tofu Pudding.


The Milk Tofu Pudding have chia seeds and taro and yam balls on top. The tofu is extremely smooth and silky with a hint of sweetness. There’s chewiness from the balls and crunchiness from the chia seeds. Very refreshing.


This is definitely for the Matcha Lovers. We got matcha milk pudding on the bottom and matcha smoothie topped with matcha pearls and red beans. What amazed me the most is the milk pudding. It tastes very similar to the tofu which surprisingly goes very well with the matcha smoothie. The whole drink flows together perfectly. Want another interesting drink? Order the Melt My Heart!


Who doesn’t want ice cream and a drink. Melt My Heart is the best of both worlds. You have a scoop of strawberry ice cream floating on top of strawberry smoothie with rainbow pearls. It’s so sweet and fruity that it will melt your heart. (wink wink)

Would I visit again? For the Green Giant. Yes.

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