Price: $
Location: Southland Mall | 1 Southland Mall Hayward, CA 94545
Hours: Sun : 11AM – 7PM | Mon – Sat : 10AM – 9PM
Website: N/A

This is what happens what shaved ice and ice cream had a baby. Shaved snow. Snowbowl offer variety flavours of shaved snow with many types of toppings. You can even customize your own!


Their most popular snow is The Girlfriend with strawberry milk snow, sliced strawberries, blueberries, pocky sticks and Hershey’s chocolate drizzle. The strawberry flavour is powerful and distinct, but slightly artificial. With the chocolate drizzle, the taste is similar to eating a chocolate covered strawberry except much fluffier! But if you prefer chocolate over strawberry, definitely get the Snow White.


The trick is to get Snow White but add the chocolate drizzle to it. The snow soaks in the chocolate flavour so every bite taste chocolatey and not just the top. With the marshmallow, it’s like a s’more just without the graham cracker. Aha.


Out of all the ones I’ve tried, Tropical Euphoria is my absolute favourite. The guava snow tastes exactly as the fruit itself. So refreshing and sweet. The bananas and pineapple chunks complimented the snow so well. I definitely got the tropical feel with this snow.

Would I visit again? Yes.

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