Coffee & Tea
Price: $
Location: 3157 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118
Hours: Sun & Sat : 8AM – 6PM | Mon – Fri : 7AM – 6PM


Fifty/fifty is an adorable and minimalistic coffee shop. They provide coffee, milk tea and fruit tea in cute glass cups or a simple white cup with a tiny little spoon. They also have pastries from Jane the Bakery to pair with your drink. This is the perfect place to relax or even work because of free wifi! Yay!


Their lattes have beautiful latte art while the teas have eye-catching colours! You can also add boba to them. The Matcha Milk Tea is definitely the most aesthetic drink here.


The Matcha Milk Tea at Fifty/fifty is very unique. Usually when a matcha drink is sweet, the matcha taste goes down. Definitely not this one. The matcha flavour was clear but other than matcha I also taste another type of tea, black tea. However, if you want actual black tea, their Lavender Earl Grey is the one to get.


I would recommend the Lavender Earl Grey to anyone who likes Lavender. The lavender was extremely strong in flavour and smell. The bergamot from the earl grey was also very power and acidic. This drink is for those who wants a kick or a surprise.

Would I visit again? Definitely!

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