Coffee & Tea
Price: $
Location: 1036 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94063
Hours: Sun: 11AM – 8PM | Mon & Tues: 12PM – 8PM | Wed: 11AM – 8PM |Thurs: 11AM –                  9PM| Fri & Sat : 10AM – 10PM
Website: http://www.teaquation.com/


Teaquation is a tea shop known for their colourful and multi-layer drinks. Now you can definitely taste the rainbow. If you want to try their drinks before committing to a whole cup, I suggest getting “The Flight” which includes four shots of your choice.


The first Flight I got includes Blackberry Mojito, Pink Cadillac, 50 Shades of Pink and Gold Digger (left to right). They all have a similar taste which is citrusy and very acidic. The one that stood of was the Gold Digger. It had a creamier and thicker consistency than the rest. The rest taste almost the same, except the Pink Cadillac had a tad bitterness.


I enjoyed the second Flight much more. It includes The Joker, Sunset Boulevard, Strawberry Shortcake, and Orange n’ Black (left to right). Unfortunately, the Joker taste as the ones above. However,  I really appreciate the rest with their own unique taste. The Strawberry Shortcake does have a cake taste but not much of strawberry. As for the Orange n’ Black, it just tastes like regular Thai tea. My favour

My favourite of all is the Sunset Boulevard. There’s pineapple, orange, and coconut milk paired with green tea. Unlike the other drinks where it’s extremely strong and sour, this one is well balanced between sweetness and acidity. Sadly, I couldn’t taste any tea at all. Same with the other drinks.

Would I visit again? Only if I was in the area.


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