Crepe Em Coming

Price: $
Location: Check website calender
Hours: Check website calender


Crepe Em Coming roams around South Bay in a truck offering savory and sweet crepes. They also do catering, events, and private parties! They swear by their 4 F’s: Family, Fun, Fulfilling, Fresh and Flavorful. Let’s find out about it!


For savory, I got their popular Chicken Crepe which includes fried chicken tender, tomato, lettuce, avocado, and mayonnaise. Even with all these ingredients, the crepe was super plain. There wasn’t any seasoning or flavour. The chicken wasn’t even crispy; it was soggy. I was very disappointed, but not as let down as the sweet crepe.


The S’more Please Crepe was nothing but whip cream, some graham crumbs, and marshmallow inside. Again, there was no flavour. Just sugar sweetness. Not only was the filling tasteless, so was the crepe.

Would I visit again? No.

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