Sift Dessert Bar

Price: $$
Location: 2411 California St, San Francisco, CA 94115
Hours: Sun – Thurs : 10AM – 9PM | Fri & Sat : 10AM – 10PM

Anyone watch the Food Network? If yes, then you must know the Cupcake Wars where the country’s top bakers compete to determine who have the skills to bake the best cupcakes. I am so excited to know that the Cupcake Wars winners, Andrea and Corey Fanfa, have a shop in San Francisco.


Cupcakes are baked, frosted and decorated beautifully each day. Flavors including 24 Carrot, All For The Cookie, Berry Good Cheesecake, Chocolate Creme Egg, Limonatta, Pink Champagne, Snickerdoodle and much more such Battle Royale, the cupcake that won the Cupcake Wars.


The Battle Royale (on the right) is an almond cake with a blueberry tequila filling, topped with acai berry cream cheese frosting. I absolutely love it. I can taste exactly every ingredient. The almond. The blueberry. The acai. Everything. However, that’s not what people come in for. It’s their red velvet cupcake, the Ooh La La.

Their famous Ooh La La has a rich and moist velvet cake topped with a light and luscious cream cheese. Want more cream cheese filling cupcakes? Definitely, try their Chocolate Creme Egg.


My favourite of all is the Chocolate Creme Egg (after the Battle Royale). When I bit into the cupcake, the thin chocolate layer cracked open and filling of creme and cream cheese came oozing out. Extremely creamy. Which made the chocolate cake much more moist and fluffy. Absolutely heavenly.

Would I visit again? Most definitely!

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