Mademoiselle Colette

Price: $$
Location: 816 Santa Cruz Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Hours: Sun: 8AM – 2PM | Tues – Sat: 8AM – 4PM


Mademoiselle Colette is a beautiful patisserie with a spacious outdoor for you to relax and have a bite of their gorgeous and delicious pastries. Each pastry is a piece of art and gem. To pair with the pastries, they offer coffee and Mariage Frere Teas.


The Raspberry Eclair is filled with raspberry confit and mascarpone then topped with Tahiti Vanilla Cream and fresh local raspberry with an edible rose petal. As for taste, the pate a choux was soft and chewy. Together, the eclair was moderately sweet with a bit of acidic from the raspberry.


The Blackberry Tart is my favourite from Mademoiselle Colette. There is a total of 5 layers! At the very bottom, there’s the sweet, crumbly pate sucree. Next, a soft, airy sponge cake. Then, a dome of creamy, smooth blackberry mouse with a blackberry gel inside. Last but not least, a glazed over the top with fresh blackberries surrounded the dome. An absolute delicacy.


If you like brownies or molten lava cakes, this will bring you to the perfect combination.  The Flower Chocolate Cake is super rich with the Valhrona Dark Chocolate. It was soft with a bit of crunchiness, then comes the creamy and smooth fudge right in the heart of the cake. To all chocolate lovers, you must try this.


Well. Everyone know the classic Lemon Tart, but Mademoiselle Colette elevated it to another level. Unlike the classic one, spikes of Italian meringue is piped on top with a sprinkle of caviar lime. Caviar Lime. Fancy, right.

Would I visit again? Yes!

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