Donut Savant

Price: $
Hours: Tues – Sat : 8AM – 3PM
Location: 1934 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612


Donut Savant is known for their Cron’t (croissant doughnuts). Here you won’t be seeing your regular round doughnuts. They’ll be squares or rectangles! Well. Except for the doughnut holes of course. There’s tons of option to choose from! Apple Fritter, Coconut Dream Hole, Cron’t filled with Vanilla Cream, Salted Maple Hole, and more!


Instead of Cronut, it’s called the Cron’t like ‘don’t’. It’s buttery and flaky like a croissant and doughy as a doughnut should be. The sugar coating gives it a crunchy and sweet taste. Simple and delicious.


I always love myself a doughnut hole. I can fit the whole thing in my mouth! Donut Savant’s doughnut holes are absolutely beautiful. Each decorated with the perfect toppings.

The Apple Pie Donut Hole is one you cannot miss. Especially when it’s an American stable. The cream tastes exactly like an apple pie filling with a slice of apple on top. A little sweetness with a bit of citrus.

Would I visit again? Yes.

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