Berkeley Social Club

American | Korean | Breakfast & Brunch
Price: $$
Location: 2050 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704
Hours: Sun & Sat : 8AM–3PM, 5–10PM | Mon – Fri : 8AM–230PM, 5–10PM


An American restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner with an Asian twist. Korean, Japanese, Hawaiian. You got em all! From the classic Bibimbap to Korean Fried Chicken on a waffle.


Most of the time when I go to a Korean restaurant, I will order Dolsot Bibimbap. It’s healthy and fun to eat! I always judge the Bibimbap by the Gojuchang sauce which makes up most of the flavour. I quite like the sauce here. A bit spicy and tangy, but not enough sweetness for me. Also, the vegetables must be fermented for a very long time because the taste is extremely pungent. Overall, it was a decent Bibimbap.


Oh. The lovely KFC. No. Not Kentucky Fried Chicken. Korean Fried Chicken! You know the classic chicken and waffle, right? Then you have to try KFC on top instead. You can hear each and every crunch. That’s how crispy it is. Cook perfectly. Seasoned perfectly with a hint of spice. Sadly, the waffle was a different story.

The waffle was plain and flat. It barely had that crispy outer layer. If the waffle was seasoned, this KFC and waffle would be phenomenal.


New item on the menu! The Dungeness Crab Benedict! I would say, “Better try it before the crab season is over!”, but it didn’t satisfy me enough for me to recommend to others. The egg was poached perfectly with a leaky, yolky inside; unfortunately, the star of the dish did not shine through. The crab wasn’t as fresh as I want it to be. I was very disappointed.

Would I visit again? Definitely for the K.F.C and to try other items.

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