Price: $
Location: 55 River Oaks Pl #30, San Jose, CA 95134
Hours: Sun & Sat : 11AM – 8PM | Mon – Fri : 11AM – 9PM
Website: http://www.pokeworks.com/


Perfect for the sunny days! The pokes are cooling and fresh. All customizable from poke bowl, bowl burrito, and poke salad. You can choose your own protein including ahi tuna, albacore, salmon, scallops and more! Then comes your chose of sauces: pokeworks classic, umami shoyu, ponzu fresh, siracha aioli and the list goes on. Last but not least, the infinite list of mix-ins and toppings!


THE POKE BURRITO! It’s like a sushi roll, but times ten! Inside the poke burrito, there are ahi tuna, salmon, cucumber, red cabbage, jalapeno, and diced mango. Everything rolled up with warm, fluffy sushi rice and a roasted seaweed wrap. I love it so much! It’s sweet, tangy, spicy. Everything!


Now back to the simple, classic poke bowls. The Hawaiian Classic Poke Bowl! A bowl of ahi tuna, green and sweet onion, ogo seaweed, cucumber, chili flakes, sesame seeds, roasted sesame oil, hawaiian salt, and pokeworks classic sauce.


Last but not least, the Shiso Salmon! It includes atlantic salmon, green and sweet onion, edamame, cucumber, sesame seeds, fresh shiso, and ponzu fresh sauce. Much simpler than the Hawaiian Classic, but it really brings out the freshness of the salmon. Love it.

Would I visit again? Definitely!

Check out my poke mukbang video!

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